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F2F is Independent, Credible and Experienced

F2F is Independent, Credible and Experienced   

F2F will serve as the independent and credible source to help college coaches better understand athletes while helping the athlete showcase her softball ability to the college softball community. F2F does not run softball tournaments or manage national club teams and has no stake in any championship event sponsored by top national softball organizations. F2F will work with all groups, teams and leagues that aspire to help their athletes in their journey to play college softball. We seek to be the NFL Combine for the national fastpitch community.




Featured Measurements 

Physical Hitting Position Specific
●       FMS Testing ●       Tee Eval. ●       8 Sets Fielding Each Pos.
●       Vision Testing ●       Front Toss Eval. ●       Pitch Speed,Spin, Location
●       Body Strength ●       Speed (Hand, Bat & Exit) ●       Pop Time & Velocity
●       Speed & Agility ●       Swing Analytics ●       Throwing



Athlete Data and Report Card Sent to Colleges

For all attending athletes, F2F will send all the athlete data compiled from more than 20 testing points and final grade to several hundred softball coaches within five to six weeks after each event. Every athlete will also receive their testing scores and overall Report Card score five to six weeks after each event. Former college coaches will provide their evaluation on every athlete and then F2F will provide all athlete data to every softball college coach in the country.

The state-of-the-art testing will evaluate individual athletic and softball ability using more than 20 data points. The competition phase will showcase softball ability in one-on-one and situational play settings. The world class development and empowerment curriculum will provide a career and life changing experience.

To help parents support their daughter’s exciting journey, they will be treated to break-out sessions, focusing on athletic development, college exposure and recruiting.

This 18-hour invitation-only event features top athletes, top coaches, world-class development and college exposure.